Yesterday, I picked up a new 2021 Heritage Edition from Ed Martin Toyota in Noblesville, Indiana. Thank you @Eric Sarjeant for finding one for me, and for all the support you offer this forum!

Let’s get this first part out of the way for all of the HE naysayers out there: Yes, I spent an extra $2300 for the Heritage to get LESS stuff than the base model. And then yes, I turned around and removed the emblem I paid extra for, will remove the MegaWarrior basket I paid extra for, and added the OEM steps I paid extra to have removed. Doesn’t make sense? It’s exactly what I want, though.

A lot of the appeal of the Land Cruiser is that no one recognizes it for what it really is; especially here in the midwest. I was originally going to remove the Heritage badging, too, but Eric and my wife convinced me to leave it on. For now…

As mentioned in another thread, test driving a Land Cruiser three months ago was the first time I’d driven one since 1977, when I tried trading a VW Scirocco in on a 40. It has been one of the very few vehicles I’ve lusted over for nearly 50 years, and with them going away, it was time to take the plunge.

I’m 67 years old, and on average keep cars quite a while. I expect the Land Cruiser will be my last primary vehicle. There may be a toy here or there, but I already have a ’58 MGA Roadster for summer joy rides. The crazy thing to consider, is that this Land Cruiser cost more than 1000 times what I paid for my first car!

I’m coming from a 2016 4Runner Trail Premium, and among the first things I did on it was KO2s and rock sliders. How I thought I’d use it, and how I actually used it were different things altogether. So this time, I’m going with the OEM steps and maybe later some tires that are better all around than the Dunlops, and more comfortable and quieter than the KO2s. Other than that, the truck is extremely capable as is, and can go a lot more places that I’ll ever take it. If I run into a situation where I need more, then I’ll consider upgrades.

Starting Point:
    •    2021 Toyota Land Cruiser Heritage Edition
    •    Midnight Black Metallic
    •    Build Date: November 2, 2020

Dealer Installed Options:
    •    OEM Running Boards
    •    OEM Front Leveling Spacer

Interior Additions/Changes:
    •    Husky WeatherBeater front row floor liners
    •    Cabin Filter Warning Sticker
    •    Canvasback Tailgate Cover

Exterior Additions/Changes:
    •    Removed Yakima MegaWarrior Roof Basket

Suspension/Wheel/Tire Changes:
    •    Stock

Near Term Plans:
    •    12V Power to rear storage area
    •    Fridge in place of rear passenger-side seat
    •    2nd Row Resistor Modification
    •    Swap OEM Fog Lights with my Baja Design Squadron-R Pro Amber Wide Driving Lights
    •    Hack some mounts for my Raingler 4Runner full-length net
    •    Probably some stuff from the "Under $100" thread

Other Gear (Carried over from previous vehicles):
    •    Road Shower 4 (May end up on our Hiker Squareback Trailer)
    •    ARB 2500 Touring Awning (May end up on our Hiker Squareback Trailer)
    •    QuickPitch Ensuite Shower Enclosure
    •    Carista OBD2 Adapter
    •    MaxTrax Traction Mats
    •    Viair 450P Portable Air Compressor
    •    Recovery Gear
    •    MurderSpork 

Possible Future Additions/Changes:
    •    Ceramic Coating
    •    Tires
    •    Red/White Underhood Lighting
    •    Red/White Liftgate Lighting
    •    Prinsu-Style Crossbars on OEM Rails
    •    Matte Black Window Trim
    •    Maybe Debadge V8 and Heritage Badge for more incognito appearance

    •    Additional Heritage Edition Wheel
    •    Long Range America Fuel Tank w/upgraded pump and fuel lines

I have a National Luna 90 Twin fridge/freezer on a Tembo Tusk Jumbo slide that was mounted on a DIY Goose Gear platform in the 4Runner, and I used RIDGID storage boxes strapped down for gear instead of permanent drawers. In the Land Cruiser, I’m going to try mounting the fridge where the rear passenger seat is located without the slide, leaving the rear more flexible for carrying large loads.

I’ll likely add some Prinsu-style crossbars to the roof rails instead of a full-length Prinsu rack like on the 4Runner. (Thanks @tbisaacs ) These will be for the ARB awning, Road Shower, and kayak racks. We have a Hiker square-back trailer, so no need for a RTT or an interior sleeping setup.

More photos and adventures will be added to this non-build thread as they happen. Thanks to everyone here for the inspiration and fantastic community!

[EDIT] 1/28/21 Reorganized list of additions/changes
[EDIT] 2/17/21 Removed "Corrosion Free Rust Preventative" as it is annual maintenance, not modification or changes.
[EDIT] 2/28/21 Added Canvasback Tailgate Cover

(Just another bone-stock HE)